As anyone who is reading this probably knows, I’m fortunate enough to serve as the CEO of a family of companies. Between all our related entities, we probably employ and are in business with about 100 humans. That’s 100 people that I get the pleasure of interacting with on a weekly basis. It may only be through a smile, or brief eye contact, or it might be a hug or a handshake or an email, it doesn’t matter…my point is that I get to be around a ton of people on a daily basis...I know people…I love people, and these are some amazing people that I get to live with and learn from.

1. These humans work hard and they love well.
2. These people overcome impossible obstacles.
3. They fight cancer.
4. They are leaders in their community.
5. They volunteer their time and talents to important things.
6. They care for sick loved ones.
7. They raise amazing children without the help of a spouse or family.
8. They bake amazing cookies
9. They decorate the offices of their co-workers on their birthdays.
10. They pray for co-workers, have faith, and look out for each other as best as they can.
11. They embrace change, and seek out personal growth.
12. They dream bigger than I could personally ever image, they inspire me to want to become a better human.
13. They believe in love.
14. They will fight for what they know is true.
15. They kiss their children at night.
16. They struggle financially.
17. They struggle with depression and sadness.
18. They struggle with alcohol.
19. They give so much more than they receive, and they do it with joy in their hearts.
20. They create the future with their thoughts and words, everyday!
21. They admit their mistakes, and learn from them.
22. They want to grow and become better every day.
23. They don’t know how much they mean to the people around them.
24. They hurt each other.
25. They lift each other up.
26. They coach teams, and invest their precious moments of life into helping others.
27. They transform their minds and their bodies.
28. They are each a superhero, a real, live superhero to someone in their life, I am sure of it.
29. They have powerful, personal energy that others can sense every time they meet.
30. They call bull shit when they see it.
31. They will fight for the underdog.
32. They will bend, but they won’t break…they are unbreakable.
33. They write books.
34. They create music and entertain all fortunate enough to know them.
35. They worry for their children.
36. They don’t feel comfortable in their own skin all the time.
37. They are quick to praise, and slow to gossip.
38. They are consistent and level headed.
39. They are mentally strong.
40. They laugh and bring joy to everyone’s ears.
41. They help raise their grandkids.
42. They fight for their wayward child.
43. They cry happy tears.
44. They understand the Golden Rule.
45. They rarely take the last donut.
46. They extend grace, and forgive with ease.
47. They speak their minds and defend their beliefs and decisions with a humble spirit.
48. They were done great harm as a child.
49. They are above being offended, again, they extend grace, even when it’s undeserved.
50. They are thankful for every day they get to exist.
51. They would die defending freedom and justice, should the need arise.
52. They seek wisdom.
53. They have children that challenge them.
54. They are lovers and best friends.
55. They have scars from their childhood.
56. They are brilliant and witty.
57. They love animals and have kind, gentle hearts.
58. They love the law.
59. They care for widows and orphans.
60. They get divorced.
61. They write a new story, and believe a new dream.
62. They have colorful souls.
63. They don’t communicate their feelings well.
64. They know that anything and everything they want in life is not only possible, but is already theirs.
65. They take responsibility for every decision they have ever made.
66. They have grit, again, these people are unbreakable.
67. They bury loved ones and friends.
68. They count their blessings.
69. They set goals and exceed them.
70. They are in control of every situation.
71. They are steady.
72. They are not swayed by popular opinion.
73. They challenge the status quo.
74. They create systems that make things better.
75. They invent things.
76. They write beautiful code.
77. They delight their customers.
78. They know what it means to fight for their freedoms and their fellow man.
79. They smile with their eyes.
80. They fear what the future might bring.
81. They don’t always trust their instincts.
82. They learn from life’s lessons.
83. They feed the hungry in their community.
84. They pay it forward.
85. They were made for love.
86. They help to bring heaven on earth, everyday.
87. They value the opinions of their peers.
88. They travel and appreciate the earth.
89. They pick up other people’s trash.
90. They dress up for Christmas and bring holiday cheer.
91. If you hit them, they will turn their cheek…or they might hit you right back.
92. They invest in the success of others.
93. They believe in themselves.
94. They forgive, but can have a harder time forgetting.
95. They light up rooms with their spirits.
96. They love unconditionally.
97. They go to school and are lifelong learners.
98. They are organized and pay attention to details.
99. They give me faith in humanity.

I take a couple of minutes to write about these people, because I’m eternally grateful for the humans that I’m lucky enough to do life with. 

In our lives, if we work outside the home, we all kind of fall into relationships with other humans based on our chosen profession and which company we choose to work for and invest our lives into. 

If you don’t like the humans around you, it might be time to find something else to do with your brief time on this earth. 

If you are fortunate enough to consider your career a blessing in your life, look around you and thank the amazing humans who help make each of us who we are.

This is me saying thank you to all you incredible, eternal beings that I get to call my friends and co-workers.


I’ve recently found myself clinically obsessed with the impossible concept of perfect personal balance.  (Which, admittedly, sounds pretty out of balance.)  It bothers me that we humans seem to seek balance in most every aspect of our existence, yet our modern lives seem so completely out of balance in so many ways. 

On a big picture level, take most modern governments for example.  For thousands of years, governments and kings would take in money and spend it on kingdom building…take in money, spend it on kingdom building…literally, for thousands of years, king after king.  Under the principle of perfect balance, when a kingdom or government couldn’t balance its national finances, it failed, EVERYTIME…as a nation, you can’t survive very long when you can’t pay your bills.  In modern times, nearly every kingdom or government is fiscally bankrupt with mountains of national debt and unfunded entitlement liabilities that can never be repaid, but because we are all so out of balance, we work together to prolong our mutual financial destruction and keep repeating the unlearned lessons of the past.  I’m concerned for my children, deeply concerned.  They are inheriting a world so out of balance that it is scary!  It’s widely publicized that there is nearly no possible way for most major governments of the world to pay the debts and future obligations that they have borrowed and spend away our futures for.  Whose idea was it to spend more money than we collect, ever?  That should be against basic moral human laws.  If I were to spend more money than I make, and eventually run out of people willing to loan me money, I’m suddenly the man who can no longer feed his family.  I’ll eventually be put in prison for child neglect and abuse, as my children’s health fades…but that is like what our current deficit spending trends are doing to our children and grandchildren, and it needs to stop, we need to find balance again.  Why are governments so out of balance? 

On a smaller, personal level, I’m trying to seek balance in my life everyday…yet my tightrope walk is shaky at best.  Our modern lives pull us in so many directions, and we process so much data on a daily basis, it’s a miracle to me that our little brains keep up.  There is so much activity, and so many balls that we have to keep in the air.  Jobs, friendships, kids’ sports, community activities, personal wellness, fun, passion projects, business opportunities, favorite TV shows, unlimited world news right at our finger tips, up to the minute life updates from 700 Facebook friends.  How do our little brains keep up? 

What is suffering?  Something must be suffering.

Are me missing any of the basic, brilliant, magical moments that come with the gift of existence as a human being?  Have we lost our core balance? 

None of us know for sure if we’ve lost all balance as a human family, as balance means something different to every conscious human brain on this planet.  That said, I’m still obsessed with trying to seek balance in the little things that I can control…

Am I putting down my phone and looking my children in the eyes when I speak to them?

Am I communicating my love to them everyday? 

Am I holding my wife long enough to let her know, everyday, that I’d give my life for her without second thought? 

Am I stopping to kiss the soft, precious, time worn faces of my aging parents who have chose to invest their lives into their kids and grandkids?  

Sadly, I have to fight to do these basic, important, human things.  The modern age of technology has made it not only possible, but socially normal to work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.  My smartphone has seemed to become an obsession, and I’m relatively new to technology…how are these devices going to rule the lives of children who have grown up glued to them? 

I’m going to stop now, as I’m frightening myself, and there is no balance in that...

On a closing note regarding personal balance, I can honestly say that I’ve never been more optimistic about my life, and the lives of my fellow humans.  Though many aspects of our shared human experience are terribly out of balance, the sun continues to come up, and shines on us more often than it doesn’t here in Michigan. The sun shines all over the entire inhabited world, and we get another day…another chance to seek and find balance.  Every day is a gift, at least that is the heaven and reality that I choose to live in today.  I find peace and joy when I simply take life a day at a time.  24 hours at a time…this seems to be all my little brain can hope to try to balance with all that gets packed into a day these days.