I’ve recently found myself clinically obsessed with the impossible concept of perfect personal balance.  (Which, admittedly, sounds pretty out of balance.)  It bothers me that we humans seem to seek balance in most every aspect of our existence, yet our modern lives seem so completely out of balance in so many ways. 

On a big picture level, take most modern governments for example.  For thousands of years, governments and kings would take in money and spend it on kingdom building…take in money, spend it on kingdom building…literally, for thousands of years, king after king.  Under the principle of perfect balance, when a kingdom or government couldn’t balance its national finances, it failed, EVERYTIME…as a nation, you can’t survive very long when you can’t pay your bills.  In modern times, nearly every kingdom or government is fiscally bankrupt with mountains of national debt and unfunded entitlement liabilities that can never be repaid, but because we are all so out of balance, we work together to prolong our mutual financial destruction and keep repeating the unlearned lessons of the past.  I’m concerned for my children, deeply concerned.  They are inheriting a world so out of balance that it is scary!  It’s widely publicized that there is nearly no possible way for most major governments of the world to pay the debts and future obligations that they have borrowed and spend away our futures for.  Whose idea was it to spend more money than we collect, ever?  That should be against basic moral human laws.  If I were to spend more money than I make, and eventually run out of people willing to loan me money, I’m suddenly the man who can no longer feed his family.  I’ll eventually be put in prison for child neglect and abuse, as my children’s health fades…but that is like what our current deficit spending trends are doing to our children and grandchildren, and it needs to stop, we need to find balance again.  Why are governments so out of balance? 

On a smaller, personal level, I’m trying to seek balance in my life everyday…yet my tightrope walk is shaky at best.  Our modern lives pull us in so many directions, and we process so much data on a daily basis, it’s a miracle to me that our little brains keep up.  There is so much activity, and so many balls that we have to keep in the air.  Jobs, friendships, kids’ sports, community activities, personal wellness, fun, passion projects, business opportunities, favorite TV shows, unlimited world news right at our finger tips, up to the minute life updates from 700 Facebook friends.  How do our little brains keep up? 

What is suffering?  Something must be suffering.

Are me missing any of the basic, brilliant, magical moments that come with the gift of existence as a human being?  Have we lost our core balance? 

None of us know for sure if we’ve lost all balance as a human family, as balance means something different to every conscious human brain on this planet.  That said, I’m still obsessed with trying to seek balance in the little things that I can control…

Am I putting down my phone and looking my children in the eyes when I speak to them?

Am I communicating my love to them everyday? 

Am I holding my wife long enough to let her know, everyday, that I’d give my life for her without second thought? 

Am I stopping to kiss the soft, precious, time worn faces of my aging parents who have chose to invest their lives into their kids and grandkids?  

Sadly, I have to fight to do these basic, important, human things.  The modern age of technology has made it not only possible, but socially normal to work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.  My smartphone has seemed to become an obsession, and I’m relatively new to technology…how are these devices going to rule the lives of children who have grown up glued to them? 

I’m going to stop now, as I’m frightening myself, and there is no balance in that...

On a closing note regarding personal balance, I can honestly say that I’ve never been more optimistic about my life, and the lives of my fellow humans.  Though many aspects of our shared human experience are terribly out of balance, the sun continues to come up, and shines on us more often than it doesn’t here in Michigan. The sun shines all over the entire inhabited world, and we get another day…another chance to seek and find balance.  Every day is a gift, at least that is the heaven and reality that I choose to live in today.  I find peace and joy when I simply take life a day at a time.  24 hours at a time…this seems to be all my little brain can hope to try to balance with all that gets packed into a day these days.